Sao Martinho do Porto

Sao Martinho do Porto is less than 10 km away. It is a cozy coastal town at a bay with a long beach. The bay provides protection from the high waves of the Ocean, so in the summer the water is much warmer than other Portuguese coastal areas and you swim much safer.

Behind the bay is a beautiful dune and rock landscape where you can walk with some impressive viewpoints.


Do you like high waves? Then the beach of Nazaré is recommended. In Nazaré, the Guinness world record of surfing the highest wave is established.


The town has a part below at the beach and the old town high on top of the cliff. The two parts of the city are connected by a tram.

Foz do Arelho

The beauty of the beach at Foz do Arelho is that there are actually two distinct areas... the beach at the Ocean (Praia do Mar) and the beach at the Lagoon (Lagoa de Óbidos). The expanse of sand is majestic and varies from pebbly and coarse to very fine powder.
The lagoon is connected to the ocean by a natural opening. The high tides are beautiful and powerful and ideal for water sports.